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From: Ray La Foy

Dear Website Owner,

Here's the problem...possibly you can relate...

Maybe you are promoting your own website or blog (you could have a really great product)

Or... you are helping a client increase their internet exposure (they are counting on you ...after all, they don't have a clue)

Or...quite possibly you make a few bucks promoting affiliate offers (they do all of the work and you get half the money....that is a pretty sweet deal if you really stop and think about it...)

But the problem is, no one is coming to any of these websites.......Or let me re-phrase that....very few people are visiting your website, or your client's website, or your affiliate offers.  Maybe you kinda got the hang of it, and you make a sale now and then, but nothing consistent and certainly not enough to quit your day job.

Can you relate to any of those scenarios???????

No matter how many times the gurus like to spin the story, the truth is, earning money online boils down to one thing................


It's a proven fact - drive enough interested people to a website that has decent conversions - and you will make money.  All you really need is more web traffic.....There's the rub you might say.

 Shhhh...Let Me Tell You a Well Kept Secret

While everyone is racking their brains out trying to buy, borrow, or get for free, website visitors...Those that truly understand, know that the only way that you are ever going to get lots and lots of website visitors - is to communicate or get your message heard by the masses.

That's what the guru's have figured out, and in fact, that is exactly what big business has been doing for years.  The more people that know of your offer - the more people will end up at your website. It's not a whole lot more complicated then that.

Think about this...

If you want thousands of visitors to end up at your website or at a website you are promoting, then before any of these people can show up at your website - these thousands of people, they need to be exposed or shown a good reason to click a link that takes them to your website.  It's all about exposure - getting your message out.   There are tons and tons of buyers out there....But if they don't know about your offer...their not going to end up on your website....


That's precisely the reason why a website or affiliate link might only get only a few visitors...No one knows or even has an opportunity to click a link.   The true cause of no traffic, is failure to effectively broadcast, syndicate, and distribute your message.

Your Solution

The key to web traffic is to distribute your message and links virally across the internet.  You need to plant your viral seed using great content interspersed with your links and make it freely available for people to read and share.  If you want thousands of visitors coming to your websites....then you need to get your message and links out to thousands of people.

The one universally accepted format used world wide that people trust is PDF or Portable Document Format developed by Adobe.  People have no hesitation downloading pdf documents because they know they are virus free and they almost always contain great information that they can use.  PDF is the standard format used by businesses, organizations, and government when they want to present their message, because they know the credibility level of a PDF document produces a higher perceived value.

The answer is simple… If you distribute and syndicate your content where people are searching...then you will get traffic.



Google knows when people find content valuable it will get bookmarked, shared, downloaded, bumped, dug, voted, ranked, etc.

To take advantage of this and start your own viral message, you simply need to produce your own quality pdf document and then make sure it is freely available where people are looking for quality information.

I won't waste your time - I know bottom line, you want a way to get more targeted visitors to your website. The key, as I explained, is to distribute your message to the masses, and you will have the software that does just that. And best of all, if you say yes today, you can get it for my rock bottom introductory price of just $27.  

What You Get

Fourteen Ways and Places to Go to Produce Great Content Without Writing a Single Sentence
Free Software to Format Your Special Report in the Preferred PDF Format
A Quick Start Guide that Explains the Simple 4 Step Process of Starting Your Own Viral PDF Campaign
PDF Submission Software that Places Your PDF Report on the Top Databases/Libraries Online

Not only are you going to be able to start using this software today to start your own viral report, but I am also going to include a Bonus Video...

 Bonus Video

Watch this Video and Follow Along as I Show You Exactly Where and How to Easily Create Great Content for Your Viral PDF Report


So Why Am I Only Charging So Little for All this?

I have made this affordable for what I believe any SERIOUS person can afford. If you're someone who isn't serious, then this isn't for you. But if you're someone who is truly committed to maximizing your website/business potential, then I have made it within your reach.

Secondly, I know the best way to treat a customer, is to give you a good deal and deliver a great product. My goal is to blow you away today with software that can help you grow your business.

The one thing, I do ask in return, is that you provide me feedback or a testimonial that I can then place on this page along with your website url. We both win!

Finally, I want you to become a customer of mine for life. What better way than to give you a really killer deal? That will make you much more likely to consider future products I plan on releasing.

This software tool is almost scary when you truly understand what it can do... this offer is good for only the first fifty people who are quick enough to realize the value of this offer....then the price for this PDF Distribution System will go up...Guaranteed.

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing!

If you're like me, you hate having to risk even a penny on a speculation. I don't want you to risk anything when you say yes to my offer today. So I'm going to extend to you a 30 day, no-questions asked, money back guarantee. 

Here's how it works. For any reason (or no reason at all) you decide this PDF Distribution System isn't for you in the next 30 days, simply contact me and let me know. I'll refund every penny of your purchase promptly and without question. With that in mind, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

So What Will It Be?

Only 17 Remaining at this Discount Price...


I want YOU to Succeed!


P.S. Remember, this is an introductory offer, so the price will increase at any time. Price will soon be $47 So don't delay, act now to get your hands on this PDF Distribution System. Remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. 

If you are truly serious about promoting your website - this PDF Distribution System is one of the best investments you could make.  Do it today before the price does increase!